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Summer has officially started and family vacations are in full swing! Some families may head to the mountains to escape the heat or to the beach to soak up the sun. But others may be heading to our favorite place on Earth-- Walt Disney World!!! 

Summers at Disney are no joke so we have complied a list of must-have items to make your trips stress-free and full of MAGIC!


1. Misting Water Bottle

O2Cool Mist N' Sip

Florida is HOT! Buying water bottles every time you are thirsty in the park is expensive. And although the misting spray bottles they sell at the park make a cute souvenir, they are expensive as well. I like using the O2Cool Mist N' Sip  insulated water bottle. You can drink from it and mist it on your face and bottle for a quick cool down. 

2. Cooling Towel

Again, the heat is killer and cooling towels are life-savers when you're sweating from walking and standing in lines all day. We use the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad to keep cool. 

3. Suncreen & Hand Sanitizer

Those lines don't always have somewhere shady where you can stand so it might be inevitable that you will be under straight sunshine for a while. We always pack BabyBum sunscreen with us! It's plant-based and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, and smells GREAT! They also have an adult sunscreen and many more products such as hand sanitizer that would be great to bring along as well!

4. Tanks 

There's no way you would want to wear anything else besides a tank top during the summer! Of course, we may be a little bias but we never go to Disney without reppin' our Aloha + Palm tanks (and shirts)! There is something for everyone and they are perfect for the Florida weather... and super cute too! ;-)

5. Snacks & Wipes


Snacks are crucial! Snacks at the park are also expensive so bringing your own is a great idea! Granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers, etc. are all good things to pack. Wipes are also a great thing to bring. Not only for the germs of an amusement park, but for cleaning up after having those snacks! We love Bloom Wipes

Expert tip: When at Disney with little ones, snacks are also a good way to keep them entertained while you wait in lines for the rides! 

6. Rain Poncho

Typical Florida weather during the summer includes some rain at least once a day. Coming already prepared makes things much easier than having to run around looking to buy a poncho while already drenched. 

7. Portable charger


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Disney is an all day event, from open to close on most occasions. You will take lots of pictures and use your MyDisney Experience app so much that you'll need a portable charger

8. MyDisney Experience App

THE MUST-HAVE DISNEY APP! Everything you need while you are at the park, you can find on this app! A map, Fast-passes, wait times, etc.

EXTRA: Bring some swim suits and an extra set of clothes! There a splash pads at the park which are so much fun after a hot day in the sun!

Instagram: @periwinklejazz


Instagram: @bittybsboutique

We love our boy Disney swimmies from Periwinkle Jazz. But we also love Bitty B's Boutique for boy and girls swimwear. Seriously obsessed!!!


I hope you find this list helpful when packing for your Disney trip! Having all or at least most of these things will make your trip a bit more stress-free, as well as save you some money, so you can relax and enjoy the MAGIC at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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